Interruption Marketing is traditional advertising that interrupts your day

Why Cold Calling Is Dead by Frank J. Rumbauskas, Jr.Our lift manufacturer world of selling is closed off from other areas of business that continue to adopt and embrace new, efficient ideas. I was reminded of this recently while re- reading Seth Godin’s “Permission Marketing.” Here’s a book that was intended for business owners and marketing executives, yet it provides a much-needed dose of common sense that would be of great benefit to sales organizations, especially sales managers, who continue to cling to very old, and, in their minds, very right, ideas. Unfortunately, our brave new world has made these old ideas very wrong.Seth Godin talks about Interruption Marketing versus Permission Marketing.

Interruption Marketing is traditional advertising that interrupts your day in an attempt to get your attention and sell you something. In other words, it is the marketing equivalent of Cold Calling. Permission Marketing is systematically getting prospects to give you permission to present to them. In other words, it is marketing’s equivalent of what I teach salespeople to do. In the book, Seth uses the metaphor of someone trying to get married to describe the flaw in Interruption Marketing, or Cold Calling. The bachelor goes into a singles bar and asks every woman in the place to marry him. When they all say no, he blames his clothes, buys a new suit, and tries again at another bar, only to fail again and again, just like a cold caller.Are you getting the point he tries to make in that story? Think about it. A salesperson spends weeks cold calling with dismal results. The salesperson goes to the sales manager for advice on what to do differently to start getting results. A conversation ensues about what the salesperson is doing. A lot of old ideas begin to surface. Ideas such as “Initial Benefit Statement,” “Elevator Speech,” and other concepts that once upon a time were the right answers, but have since become very wrong answers. Working on these things is the equivalent of the man in the story blaming his failure on the suit, changing into a new suit, then going to a different singles bar to do it all over again.With the business world in its present state, I really don’t see how salespeople can afford to keep fooling away their time on old ideas that were once right but are now fatally wrong. It is this very feature of capitalism that is causing salespeople, managers and organizations to fail in record numbers. Capitalism is essentially “creative destruction.” In other words, capitalism is a perpetual cycle of destroying old, less-efficient businesses and ideas and replacing them with new, more efficient ones. People and companies are clinging to old, obsolete ideas and are being dragged down to failure by them. Yet they still won’t let go. I think the reason they can’t let go is simply because it wasn’t all that long ago that they really did have the right answers.

It reminds me of a story I once heard about Albert Einstein when he was a professor. One of his student assistants who was preparing for an incoming class said, “Professor Einstein, what test are we giving them?” To which Einstein replied, “The same test we gave them last week.” Bewildered, the student assistant replied, “But Professor Einstein, we already gave that test.” Einstein simply said, “Yes, but the answers are different this week.”The bottom line is that the answers are different. The rules have changed. Time is running out for those who do not adapt to the new rules. As Napoleon Hill put it so well, “Whenever a nation, a business institution, or an individual ceases to change and settles into a rut of routine habits, some mysterious power enters and smashes the setup, breaks up the old habits, and lays the foundation for new and better habits.”If you’re not achieving the sales success you desire, perhaps it is time for you to lay the foundation for new and better habits.

The kids will find plenty to do here as well

If you are looking for a vacation that will be diverse and fun for the entire family, Toronto is one place you may want to consider. This city is jam packed with shopping, sightseeing, nightlife, outdoor fun and a whole lot of things for kids to do too. And great restaurants are not hard to come across either. To put it simply, there is a plethora of attractions in Toronto.Until 2008, Toronto was home to the world’s tallest free standing structure. In 2008, the Bruj Dubai overtook Toronto’s CN Tower and gained that title. But, even though it is no longer the tallest, it is the first thing you will notice when you arrive.The tower is 1815 feet high and equipped with glass walled elevators.

Visitors can take a glass floored elevator to the Look Out level and then walk around on the Glass Floor. From here, you can see all the way down to the street (1136 feet below.) You might then continue on to the Skypod which is up 1466 feet. From here, on a clear day, spectators can see as far as Niagara Falls about 100 miles away.In addition to the great views from the CN Tower, spectacular views of the city can also be found from the Bloor Street Viaduct. This is a pedestrian walkway that connects the East End with Midtown. This view is completely different than the one from the tower. This view makes Toronto look like a lush forest with trees everywhere and skyscrapers only peeking out occasionally.Sports fans will have a field day here, Toronto being home to four major sports teams. Air Canada Centre is home to the Maple Leafs hockey team and the basketball team, the Raptors. The Blue Jays play baseball at the Rogers Centre as do the footballers, the Argonauts. In addition to catching a live event, sports fans can also visit the Hockey Hall of Fame in Brookfield Place.Shopping is abundant in Toronto with several major districts. Chinatown, Queen Street West and the Eaton Centre are a few of the best areas downtown. There is also an Underground City which is popular during the winter. Some of the city’s most expensive wares are found in Midtown in areas like Bloor Street West and Yorkville. Terrific restaurants are to be found all over the city including exquisite fine dining, family friendly joints and plenty of late night diners.

The kids will find plenty to do here as well. The African Lion Safari features a huge collection of jungle cats as well as other animal friends like lemurs and elephants. The Toronto Zoo is one of the best zoos in the world. Designed after the heralded San Diego Zoo, the animal inhabitants are all set up in natural environments. For the learning experience, check out the Ontario Science Center and for wild fun, visit Paramount Canada’s Wonderland.For the outdoor activity enthusiast, Toronto will not disappoint. The city offers canoes, rowboats and paddle boats for rent on Toronto Islands. There are also ample escalator price opportunities to ski, skate, hike, bike along trails, golf and swim. Several beaches also are included in the list of attractions in Toronto.

A look at one of the best-selling villas in the area reveals the following

Luxury vacation rentals in Florida have mushroomed over the years, given the number of visitors going to the elevator company Sunshine State for vacations. For those who wish for an alternative to hotel suites, there are many house rentals to choose from. These luxury rentals are located in Florida’s prime location spots, usually beautiful, elegant houses with gorgeous views of sun and sea. These rentals are a hit with visitors, especially because of Florida’s tropical weather.Among the luxury vacation rentals in Florida, those in Miami Beach are probably some of the most in-demand. Miami Beach is known for great shopping and vibrant nightlife, and also for the great number of Black and Hispanic visitors annually.

Great vacation villas can be found a few miles away, tucked in Venetian Islands and all the way to North and South Miami.Fort Lauderdale is another great source of luxury vacation rentals in Florida. Known as the Riviera of the state, one’s vacation in Florida can’t be considered complete without stopping by Fort Lauderdale. Over the years, it has become host to film and fashion premieres, therefore increasing the number of visitors looking for luxury rentals. Las Olas Boulevard in the area boasts a number of exclusive luxury villas for visitors to enjoy.For those looking for a quiet, peaceful vacation, Boca Raton has great villas where one can enjoy privacy. Luxury rentals in West Palm Beach are also a great alternative. Be aware of the high-end prices though.Key West is another fantastic location to look for luxury vacation rentals in Florida.

A look at one of the best-selling villas in the area reveals the following:’ Classy, marble flooring all throughout the mansion’s interiors’ Spacious, elegant interiors that combine French and country-style furniture and decors’ A private elevator for the mansion’s four floors’ A gourmet kitchen done in gleaming stainless-steel’ luxurious bedrooms, each with a balcony and French doors’ A master bedroom with all-glass walls and an amazing view of the ocean’ Jacuzzi at the fourth floor, where one can gaze at the star-filled sky and the wide stretch of the beach below’ a Tiki hut perfect for beach parties’ an enormous private dock complete with a boat ramp’ heated oceanfront pool’ Chef and nanny services at the request of the guestsThese luxury vacation rentals in Florida can also be used for special occasions like weddings. Imagine spending the most beautiful day of your life near the ocean, on a rambling villa that is picture-perfect for your wedding. Along with the house itself, guests can also request for themes for their weddings. You can choose to have a Princess wedding, where you can have gourmet food, sparkling champagne and exotic floral arrangements. These services can be extended to include your own personal wedding planner, a photographer and videographer and a DJ.More simple occasions such as birthdays can be accommodated. No matter what the occasion is, it will be beautiful and memorable if held on the most luxurious villas that Florida has to offer.

I am listening to a lecture concerning how crucial

Exercise, there Iâ”ve uttered it. It was forever a rude word to me. At school I was useless at everything that in the least resembled sports and as for P.E., well I looked awful in a leotard and it really put me off. That was all to alter; Iâ”m currently a regular exerciser and feel so much better for it. Let me tell you what altered my mind-set and with a bit of luck it will transform yours too. Skip ahead around thirty years and Iâ”m at a back rehab program in my local physiotherapy unit having had a back condition for a number of years.

I am listening to a lecture concerning how crucial it is to incorporate exercise into our day by day lives. There were a host of reasons including improved muscle tone, increased mobility, elevated energy levels and of course burning calories to keep our weight down.OK so I knew I ought to keep fit but the old feelings were still getting in the way, I didnâ”t possess either the desire or the money to join a fitness center and lacked the room for bulky equipment at my home, alright so I know that sounds like excuses but it was the truth as I perceived it.The physio subsequently kicked all my excuses out the window. She explained that to allow exercise to be really successful it needs to be carried out consistently and grow to be a part of every day life. Simple things like getting off the bus one stop ahead of schedule each time would mean I would be walking more, using the stairs in escalator manufacturer place of a elevator or escalator even if simply for the final one or two floors if it was a tall building was all additional exercise.While watching Television I may possibly take a couple of tins of beans and perform easy weights exercises to tone and strengthen my arms. Standing with my back to a wall and lowering myself to almost a â”seatedâ” stance would be fantastic for my legs. She furthermore told me attending the fitness center didnâ”t need to be the way I imagined it was many Local Authority Gyms have a broad cross section of the population using them, a number of of which will be middle aged and overweight like myself. She even told me about a group for individuals with fitness issues like mine at one local fitness center where they would help me pick appropriate equipment designed for my circumstances.

I took a look at the group she mentioned and found folk like myself, wearing ordinary clothes not a speck of lycra in sight. There were people walking not jogging on the treadmill and simply managing a few minutes on everything But that was ok since the ethos was that everybody worked at their own level and pace.The crucial thing is that the physio told me the gymnasium was a bonus but not essential I was able to do a quantity of things that could help and to pick something I believed I could carry out on a regular basis. None of this involved running around a sports ground or discomforting myself in front of slim youthful things in lycra so I decided Iâ”d give it a try. It really was as straightforward as she suggested a few minutes here and there every day all adds up. Give it a go you have nothing to lose and you simply might grow to like the new fitter you.

All of these situations can be avoided

Finding the right accommodation for your Italian vacation has a big impact on how much you will enjoy your trip. Just about everyone has either had a personal experience or a friend has had an experience where accommodations not being as expected or being misrepresented entirely have turned what could have been an idyllic trip into a nightmare. Stories of inadequate sleeping accommodations, maybe it could sleep four, but four children under the age of four, not four actual adults. Or locations where the nearest thing to your convenient, centrally-located lodging is recycling center.

All of these situations can be avoided. You can have idyllic vacations where you do not need a chiropractic adjustment when you return to recover from your trip. Cities like Florence that cater to tourists year-round are havens from these types of problems.The age of the city, the way everything was constructed within the enormous wall, which remains standing in many parts of the city and the focus on tourism all allow you to find accommodations that will make your vacation unforgettable. In Florence, apartments are everywhere, and highly concentrated in the historical center where most travelers want to be. As long as the apartment you find is within the confines of the wall, you are within walking distance to virtually everything you could want or need. The number of apartments for rent in Florence fluctuates throughout the year because of the high number of students in the city, with availability increasing after the end of May. Florence apartment booking increases significantly as you enter the later part of the spring season, so booking ahead is important for ensuring an apartment that meets all of your needs.

A few things you will want to consider when you are looking at the apartments are the actual location, number of people that can comfortably sleep in the apartment, presence of a kitchen and presence of an elevator. For most agencies in Florence, apartment booking is as common as drinking a cup of coffee and they are able to answer all of your questions in a matter of minutes. The variety of Florence apartments that are available will meet the needs of just about any group imaginable. Whether you are using the city as a travel base to explore all the beauty of Tuscany and want to be within a few minutes walk of the train station or you want to see every sculpture and painting the city offers and have an evening view of the river; you can find a cheap apartment in Florence that will give you what you need.Making sure that all of your questions are answered, and hopefully being asked questions by an agent trying to accommodate you in the best manner will send escalator price you home with a smile on your face and a desire to return. Arranging to be on the lower floors if five flights of stairs at the end of the day are not something you look forward to or having a well-stocked kitchen at your disposal if you would like to experiment with some of the local cuisine and being surrounded by great restaurants, art and scenery will ensure the type of vacation you will not be able to stop talking about.

Let’s say you are at a networking event

Let’s say you are at a networking event. You know the kind, tons of people, everyone shaking hands and handing out business cards, eating good food, you know the deal. Now, try to think in your mind about what those conversations sound like’someone asks what the other person does and you hear,’I'm a Realtor”I’m an insurance agent”I work at ABC bank’BORING!!! While these responses may be factual, they are far from interesting.

No one cares if you are a Realtor or an insurance person’we have all met many of those. What you need to do is describe what you do in a way that stands out so that you are remembered by those that have met you. Now, to combat this, someone developed the idea of the ELEVATOR PITCH. This was designed to be able to tell someone what you do during the time you might spend in an elevator with someone. Sure, you can rattle of something about your business in 30-60 seconds, but again, these little pitches simply run down what you do in a rehearsed and cold way. Listening to someone recite their elevator pitch for the 10,000th time will make you wish they just said ‘Realtor’ or ‘banker.’ I have found an even better way though’a creative and compelling way to explain to others exactly what you do and do so in a way that makes them want to learn more.Ok, now let’s say you meet someone at a networking event and you ask what they do. Instead of the normal answer, the person replies with:’Well, I spend my time trying to uncover the risks and perils that could affect you and your family.

Then, I develop a comprehensive plan designed to protect you and your panoramic elevator loved ones from these personal and financial troubles.’Wow’that sounds pretty cool, huh? This person has you and your families best interest at heart and they described something that it sounds like you should try to find out more about’know what they do? Insurance Agent.Now, let’s say you meet someone else and ask what THEY do, and you get THIS response:’My job is to look for ways to build and secure your family’s financial future. I not only protect your current assets, but I can guarantee I can make you money each and every year and help build a plan that will help secure your retirement AND that of your children.’Again’WOW’this person mentions you and your family personally. They talk about helping to give you peace of mind financially, something we ALL could use more of. Now, what does this person do? Banker.You see, you can take even an ordinary job and make it sound EXTRAORDINARY just by changing the language a bit. Take some time and try to think of some ways to describe what you do in a way that interests others and makes them want to find out more.

Once you come up with one, think of SEVERAL’then, even if you are within earshot of someone who has heard you describe your business before, it will sound new and fresh. In addition, you won’t end up sound like a broken record and will continue to build interest and compel others to learn more about you and your business.

I go up to as many as I can in the time available

Last week I presented my How To Double Your Sales conference at one location in the USA and another in the UK. Before the conferences start, I always mingle with the delegates. I go up to as many as I can in the time available and I say: In order that I can tailor some of the material I present during the day to what you are selling, please tell me very briefly what you do and how it might help your customers”. In other words I am asking for their sales elevator pitch. Most of the people who attend my ‘How To Double Your Sales’ conferences and Master Classes are Sales Directors, Business owners and of course salespeople.

Most have many years experience in selling and yet with only a few exceptions, they are unable to deliver a clear, brief and stimulating description elevators escalators of that they do and what they can do for their customers or clients; in other words a really effective ‘sales elevator pitch’. I used to be shocked by this. Now I expect it. Later, during the conference, I explain that there are three main reasons for having a clear, brief and stimulating sales elevator pitch.

They are: 1: For when you are networking amongst a group of people. You want to create an impact and be remembered for what you do and what you can do for a potential customer or client. 2: For when anyone asks you ‘what do you do?’ You want to create an impact and be remembered for what you do and what you can do for a potential customer or client. 3: For when someone, who is usually likely to be a very important customer in the future, says to you “You’ve got fifteen seconds to tell me why I should be doing business with you and your company”.

If that hasn’t happened to you yet, I guarantee it will one day and you had better be prepared. I also give examples of elevator pitches and how I have helped clients to take their very boring sales elevator pitch and turn them into one that will have an impact. And I am often criticised by some of the delegates who think they are too punchy and forceful and will put people off. There is a lot of shaking of heads in disagreement with what I have said. This happened again this week and I took a little barrage of criticism from some of the delegates.

Then another stood up and told the audience of an experience he had that week. He had been at a networking meeting which was also attended by Richard Branson. He had a brief encounter with Mr Branson who said to him – You’ve got twenty seconds to tell me what you do and why we might be doing business with you. He was half prepared for something like this because he had read one of my sales books and managed to respond with something reasonably clear, brief and stimulating. Mr Branson immediately picked up his mobile telephone, dialled the managing director of one of his many companies and told them they needed to be speaking to this person. This person is now honing his sales elevator pitch ready for the next time a similar situation occurs. Here’s one of mine: I’m (my name) people call me The Sales Guru. I help salespeople who are struggling to meet or exceed their sales targets to achieve a dramatic panoramic elevator increase in sales in just a few weeks. Could that be of interest to you or someone you know? Over the top?

Some people might think so – but it works! How is your sales elevator pitch? Could it be improved upon? Do you even have one?